Q: Can I withdraw cash on my credit card?

A: Yes, you are authorized to withdraw cash with your credit card, however this is subject to a Cash advances fees at a rate of 5% with a minimum charge of 2 KD.

Q: What if my credit card is lost or stolen?

A: You can deactivate it immediately through CBK Mobile, on line banking or by calling 1888225 /From out of Kuwait +965 22990899

Q: Can I use my Credit Card outside Kuwait?

A: Yes, worldwide acceptance at over 24 million outlets, Cash withdrawals in the local Currency of the country from more than 1 million ATM machines worldwide.

Q: Is the Prepaid Card Available in Al Tijari Bank?

A: Yes, Master Prepaid Card is issued without a limit and it can be topped up to any desired amount either through online banking, branch network, or Call Center with an annual amount of 10 KD.

Q: I’m I eligible to apply for a credit card?

A: If you meet the below terms and condition, you will be eligible to apply for a credit card:

  • Having a salary, saving or current account in CBK (Labor account is not included).
  • Minimum salary of KD 200/-.
  • Received one salary for government sector and 3 salaries for private sector for non Kuwaitis.
  • Preferred working for a government institution or a listed company.
Q: How can I settle and pay the amounts withdrawn using my Credit Card?

  • Charge Card - Full monthly payment of 100% of outstanding.
  • Credit Card - Payment a minimum of 8.33% of the monthly outstanding.