About Al-Tijari Rewards

Al-Tijari Rewards is the new loyalty program of Al-Tijari, in partnership with VISA, offering its members the flexibility of choosing between a wide variety of benefits and rewards options.

Program Benefits

  • Automatic enrollment in the loyalty program
  • Unique and differentiated loyalty experience
  • Endless redemption options under one single platform
  • Collect reward points for each KD 1 spent anywhere in the world
  • Redeem your points for endless travel benefits options and cash refund

Eligible Cards

  • Visa Infinite
  • Visa Platinum
  • Visa Gold

Reward points collection

You can earn reward points for every KD 1 spent using your eligible VISA card for any type of purchase, at any local or international POS terminal and on online transactions.

Reward points earned for every KD 1 spent, as per the below table:

 Card Type  In KD (POS & Online)  
 Visa Infinite                 4
 Visa Platinum                  3
 Visa Gold                 2

 Card Type EU countries* Other countries 
 POS Online   POS & Online
 Visa Infinite       4      6             6
 Visa Platinum     3      4             4
 Visa Gold      2      3             3

*EU countries are: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherland, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Liechtenstein.

Reward points redemption

You can redeem your collected points for:

  • Travel Benefits: Flights, Hotels and Car Rentals
  • Cash Refund for any transaction done at any of the local restaurants, coffee shops and supermarkets

Earning & Redeeming

How do I register?

1- Visit the Al-Tijari Rewards website tijarirewards.cbk.com
2- Click the Sign-Up button on the top right-hand corner and fill in the requested information
3- Enter the OTP received by SMS
4- Once successful, you will receive an email with an activation link. Click on the activation link to activate your account
5- The link will redirect you to the Al-Tijari Rewards login page with an activation successful message

How do I earn reward points?

All VISA Infinite, Platinum and Gold cardholders will automatically start earning reward points on any purchase transaction they make after issuing their card.

However, in order to view their points and be able to redeem them, customers must register in the program via a dedicated website, tijarirewards.cbk.com

This website was specially created for this program, and allows customers to register their eligible VISA cards, as well as view and redeem their collected points.

Types of Redemption:

Travel redemption

Al-Tijari Rewards gives you the ability to redeem your reward points for:
  • Tickets: Flights on any airline, to any destination, at any suitable date and time
  • Hotels: Book your stay at more than 150K hotels around the world
  • Car Rentals: Rent a car anywhere you are in the world and choose from a variety of available car options

How can I redeem my reward points for Travel?
  • Log in to tijarirewards.cbk.com
  • Click on Travel in the top Menu
  • Choose to redeem your points for Flights, Hotels or Cars rentals
  • Once you choose your travel option, enter your travel details to get the available options you can book

Cash Redemption

To be able to receive a Cash Redemption, you have to meet the below conditions:

  • Have enough points in your loyalty account.
  • Purchased from any Supermarket, Hypermaket, Co-op, Restaurants and Cafes in Kuwait.
  • Purchased for KD 5 or above.

If you meet the above conditions:

  • Once you complete your purchase with your eligible VISA card, you will automatically receive an SMS asking you if you would like to redeem a certain number of points with a cash refund for your last purchase.

  • If you agree and click on the link, your VISA card will be credited within 2 to 3 days and your reward points will be deducted accordingly.

To register in Al-Tijari Rewards, click here!