Commercial Bank of Kuwait seeks to maximize shareholder value by demonstrating excellence in Leadership, Innovation, Commitment and Corporate Citizenship to build the future together.


Create an environment where managers and staff are inspired to share a forward vision, encouraged to challenge the norm, incited to think creatively and empowered to take action to achieve success beyond expectation.


Seek to identify every possible opportunity to improve the operational efficiency of the Bank, converting creative ideas into solutions, developing comprehensive action plans to implement and harness the advantages of technology and alternative delivery channels to improve the Bank's competitive position.


Committed to demonstrating pro-active, productive, transparent management styles and performance excellence, applying an exceptional degree of personal and corporate ethics. Driven by a commitment to the alternativeness and responsiveness to customer needs, in order to exceed service delivery expectations. Committed to building the financial strength of the Bank to improve shareholder value.

Corporate Citizenship

Recognize the importance of participating actively in supporting the community we serve, committing our time, effort and contributions to assist in the development and improvement of the State of Kuwait.