Al-Tijari corporate online banking is an online platform tailored to the world of business and corporate. It allows you to safely, easily and conveniently stay on top of your finances, act on new financing opportunities and initiate new transactions anytime and anywhere.

Service Features and Benefits

  • Free Internet Banking offered to corporate customers, secure and protected by a system generated User ID and password.
  • Users can access the company’s Accounts/Cards/Facilities and perform transactions as follows:
    • Statements can be displayed, printed online or downloaded.
    • Cheque books can be requested online.( this service should request when customer  submits the application for online banking form).
    • Sign up to receive SMS messages on your mobile for transaction activity on the accounts/cards.
    • Transfer funds between company accounts and other accounts within the bank.
    • Bulk Transfers facility allowing one single transaction with multiple beneficiaries.
    • Multiple users are allowed with different account access, transfer limits can be managed per user, per account, per beneficiary and per transaction daily or
    • monthly.
    • Track the history of the executed online transactions.
    • IBAN retrieval ( International Bank Account Number )
    • LAMS service: ( Labor Account Management System ) :-
      • A unique feature that allows companies to prepare their staff salaries schedule through online,  process the file & pay the salaries instantly online & request the salary transfer letter to be presented to the Ministry of Social Affairs and labor ‘MOSAL Letter’ which can collected with maximum 3 working days from any of our 50 branches.
      • A unique service with the option to give approval on transferring the salary
      • Additionally, companies can open new salary accounts online and submits the forms to their branches for account activation.
      • Update employees information (Labor Account Only)
      • The ability to end the connection of the labor account from the companies account if the employee has moved to another workplace

Bank Application on Smart Phones – For Corporate

  • Free banking service through smart phones for corporate use and it is a very safe service where it will send all the users information that is authorized for the company / institution
  • The user can go through the accounts / Credit Cards / and get approval on certain transactions as follows:
    • Approval on money transfer
    • Enter the cheques data directly or get approval
    • Pass the salaries operation
    • Multiple users with different access levels on accounts and different conversion limits

Please click here  to login if you have already registered to the Corporate Online Banking service.


If you are a new customer, please click here to register to Corporate Online Banking service. Once you have successfully registered online and downloaded the application and signed it by the authorized signatory, kindly visit us at any CBK branch to activate the service.

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