Al-Tijari has early on recognized the significance of sustainable development with its core standards; environment, society and governance “ESG”. The Bank has taken leading initiatives in this regard and has an annual ad-hoc report issued over eleven years in a row entitled “Corporate Social Responsibility Report”. The report has been covering most themes of the ESG before this concept became a regulatory requirement and a world top priority gaining momentum and attracting countries’ attention. 

Within this context, Commercial Bank of Kuwait has prepared its Sustainability Report for 2022 covering environmental, social and corporate sustainability across the Bank. The Report highlights the Bank’s key achievements and efforts over the year for promoting sustainability, social responsibility, and various activities and events in cooperation with governorates and civil society institutions for serving society and the environment. The Bank caters for providing sustainable finance to corporate with the aim of supporting national projects that foster environmental factors and drive development. The Report also underlines the Bank’s efforts in spreading banking awareness, realizing financial inclusion, building national human capital by enhancing the skills of its employees, offering job opportunities for citizens and equal chances for women, supporting them to occupy leading positions and creating a sound work environment that nurtures innovation. The Bank as well launched initiatives that encourage rationalizing electricity, water and other resources consumption. As such, we are on the right path for environment-friendly Bank premises.