Q1: Who is eligible to benefit from this campaign?

A: Any Al-Tijari customer who uses his valid Credit Card Locally and Internationally or any Al-Tijari customer who uses his valid Prepaid card Internationally via POS / Online during the campaign period.

Q2: What is the campaign period?

A: The campaign will run from 4th of July till the 31st of October 2021.

Q3: How many draws?

A: There will be 4 draws during the campaign (one draw per month)

Q4: How many chances do I receive when using my eligible cards?

A: Every KD 1 gives you 1 chance when using your Credit Card Locally and 5 chances when using it Internationally.
Every KD 1 gives you 5 chances when using your Prepaid card Internationally

Q5: What are the prizes and draw dates?

A: Prizes and Draw dates are as per the below table:

 Campaign Duration

 Prize Type

 Monthly Winners

 Draw Dates


  1 Jetsurf
  1 Water Bike
  3 Pedal Kayaks

 5 winners

 8 August 2021


  1 SeaBob
  1 Water Bike 
  3 Pedal Kayaks

 5 winners

 12 September 2021 


  1 Polaris RZR
  1 Electric Bike 
  3 Electric Skateboards  

 5 winners

 10 October 2021


  1 Slingshot car
  1 Electric Bike 
  3 Electric Skateboards

 5 winners

 7 November 2021

Q6: How will the winners be announced?

A: The winners will be contacted by the bank via a phone call, and their names will be announced on the bank’s social media channels and in local newspapers.