Al-Tijari large network branches located in various areas of Kuwait gives customers access to convenient banking experience and offer a wide range of innovative and reliable  banking services ( Accounts opening, Deposit, Withdrawal, Transfers, Certified cheques, Loans, Credit cards, standing instructions …….etc).

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Al-Tijari Smart Machines

Al-Tijari Smart Machines

Al-Tijari is pleased to introduce one of the most innovative Smart Teller Machines (STM) for cash withdrawal and deposit, in addition to the banks Kiosk & Self Service machines that provides customers with an easy, convenient and secured way to access their banking profile as well as conduct an array of financial and non-financial services. 

Benefits of the STM

  • Available in 6 languages (Arabic, English, Tagalog, Hindi, Persian, Urdu)
  • Withdrawal in various denominations
  • Easy and Secure to use
  • Available around the clock 24/7
  • Able to withdraw large amounts of money (cash money bricks) / Bulk Teller Machines – BTM
  • Supports local K-net debit cards 

How to access the Smart Teller Machines (STM) – Withdrawal/Deposit

  • CBK Mobile App “QR Code”
  • Scan the barcode on the transaction slip

Pass the Debit Card through the near field communication reader (NFC)

  • Insert the Debit card into the STM card reader
  • PACI – Kuwait Mobile App (STM - Cash Deposit)

Features of the Smart Teller Machines (STM) – Withdrawal/Deposit

  • Cash withdrawal/Deposit
  • Cardless Cash withdrawal
  • Balance Enquiries
  • Change Pin (Debit / Prepaid)
  • Fund transfers between CBK Accounts
  • Kuwait Clearing Company (KCC) transfers
  • IBAN Enquiry
  • Mini Statement

How to access Kiosk & Self Service Machine:

  • Civil ID/Debit Card
  • CBK Mobile App “QR Code”
  • PACI – Kuwait Mobile App (هويتي)

Features of the Kiosk & Self Service Machine:

  • Update Civil ID
  • KYC update
  • Account/Term Deposits Opening
  • ATM/POS Limit Amendment
  • Loan Processing request
  • Starlink Plus request
  • Debit/Prepaid/Credit Card issuance
  • Balance Certificates
  • Liability & Clearing Certificate
  • Set-up Standing Instructions
  • Cash-Link Registration
  • E-Service Registration
  • Cheque book issuance
  • Online limit amendment

How to access Bulk Teller Machines (BTM) – Withdrawal

1. Customer must initiate the withdrawal request via Self Service Machine
2. Obtain cash withdrawal approval from Customer Service Desk
3. Scan the barcode on the transaction slip
4. Enter the received OTP number to collect the money dispensed

NB. Bulk Teller Machines are currently located in Head Office – Mubarak Al Kabeer & Beirut Street Branch – Hawalli

Branches map where you can find our STMs:

Assistant & Support

For For further assistance and support, kindly contact us using any of the following channels:

  • Al-Tijari Live Video Banking or WebChat through the Mobile Application or by visiting
  • Al-Tijari WhatsApp 50888225
  • Al-Tijari Contact Centre 1888225

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Morning Branches

Working Hours

Sunday – Thursday  08:30 AM – 3:00 PM

Al Asimah (Capital)

  • Head Office Branch  (Mubarak Al Khabeer Street)
  • Khaldiya Branch
  • Mansouriya Branch
  • Al-Faiha Branch
  • Sulaibikhat Branch
  • West Shuwaikh Branch (Previously Vegetable Market)
  • Ministry Complex Branch (from 08:30 am to 02:00 pm)


  • Jabriya Branch (Individuals only)
  • Salwa Branch
  • Hawalli Beirut St Branch
  • Al Salam Branch (Previously South Surra)
  • Rumaithiya Branch


  • Farwaniya Branch
  • Airport (Arrivals T1 from 08:00 am to 08:00 pm ) Branch
  • Ardhiya Branch
  • Al-Rai Branch
  • Dahiyat Abdulla Mubarak Branch
  • Andalus Branch
  • Jleeb Alshyoukh Branch (Labor accounts only)
  • Labor Unit (Dajeej) (Sunday - Wednesday 8:30 am - 7:00 pm, Thursday 8:30 am - 3:00 pm)

Mubarak Al Khabeer

  • Sabah AlSalem Branch
  • Al Messila Branch


  • East Ahmadi Branch
  • Fahaheel Branch
  • Hadiya Branch
  • Sabahiya Branch
  • Ali Sabah AlSalem Branch


  • Jahra  Branch
  • Al Naeem Branch
  • Riggae  Labor Unit
  • Al Rabia Branch
Morning & Evening Branches

Working Hours

Sunday – Thursday  9:00 AM – 1:00 PM  / 5:00 PM-7:00 PM


  • Salmiya Branch
  • Shuwaikh Branch
  • 6 Ring Road Branch
  • Sharq Branch
  • Ajyal Complex Branch (Fahaheel)
  • Khaitan Branch
  • Avenues Branch (Avenues Mall timings all weekdays 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM except Friday 4:00 pm - 10:00 pm)
Premier Banking Lounges

Working Hours

Sunday – Thursday  08:30 AM – 3:00 PM


  • Head Office Branch
  • Al Salam Branch (Previously South Surra)
  • Jabriya Branch
  • Fahaheel Branch
  • Salwa Branch
  • Khaldiya Branch
  • Rumaithtiya Branch
  • Farwaniya Branch
  • Andalus Branch
  • Al Naeem Branch
  • Qurain Branch
Loan Centers & Fast Track Loan

Working Hours

  • Morning & Evening
  • 9:30 AM – 1:00 PM  / 5:00PM-7:00PM


  • Ardhiya Branch (Fast Track loan) 
  • Sabah Al Salem Branch (Fast Track loan)
  • Salmiya Branch (Fast Track loan)
  • Hadiya (Fast Track loan)
  • Farwaniya Branch
  • Rumaithtiya Branch
  • Qurain Branch
  • Khaldiya Branch
  • Salwa Branch
  • Jabriya Branch
  • Fahaheel Branch
  • Al Salam (Previously South Surra)
  • Andalus Branch
  • Al Naeem Branch
  • Khaitan Branch
Self Service Branches 24/7


  • Head Office Branch
  • Airport (Arrivals T1 24/7) Branch
  • Hawalli Beirut St Branch
  • Jahra Branch
  • Ajyal Complex Branch (Fahaheel)
  • Salmiya Branch
  • Khaitan Branch
Labor Units

Working Hours

Sunday – Thursday  08:30 AM – 3:00 PM


  • Dajeej ( 6Ring Road ) (Sunday - Wednesday 8:30 am - 7:00pm, Thursday 8:30 am - 3:00 pm).
  • Riggae
  • Jleeb Alshyoukh
  • South Fahaheel

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Special Needs Branches

What services does AL Tijari offer to special needs customers?

AL-Tijari now has six (6) dedicated branches with the latest services to accommodate and facilitate banking for our customers with special needs. The services provided in these branches include:

  • ATMs which have braille keyboards and earphones, enabling visually impaired customers to withdraw money and such ATMs have special branding and enclosures to ensure the physical wellbeing of our customers.
  • Staff trained to provide services in sign language, for assisting impaired customers
  • Wheelchair access to branches and wheelchairs availability(in all our dedicated branches)
  • Reserved and clearly marked parking spaces

Which AL-Tijari branches cater to special needs customers?

We have six (6) branches with these specialized facilities, to cover all the governorates:

  • Head office Branch- Mubarak AL Kabeer
  • Salwa  Branch
  • Fahaheel  Branch
  • Sabah AL Salem Branch
  • AL Naeem  Branch
  • AL Rabiya Branch

For further assistance and support please call 1888225, ALTijari WhatsApp service at 50888225 or AL Tijari instant WebChat via

Services & Support

For further assistance and support please:

  • Use live chat from CBK mobile app
  • Al Tijari WhatsApp service at 50888225
  • AL Tijari instant WebChat via
  • Contact the call centre at 1888225

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