More than a Salary!

Get up to KD 500 instant cash gift & enter a weekly draw to win your salary & more!

Transfer your salary to Al-Tijari and enjoy the best offers and financial services, as the bank will offer valuable cash gifts and many additional benefits as follows:

1. Kuwaiti employees working in the governmental sectors, oil sectors and listed companies can benefit from either of the below: 

A) Instant cash gift based on salary transferred:

  • From KD 500 to KD 1699 customers will get a cash gift of KD 250
  • From KD 1,700 and above customers will get a cash gift of KD 300

B) A maximum of KD 10,000 interest-free loan five times the salary, repaid over a 24 months period.

2. New customers of whom are Kuwaiti’s, retirees and expatriates that transfer their loans with a minimum of KD 10,000 and above will receive an instant 1% cash gift based on their transferred loan amount*

3. New & existing Kuwaiti customers will automatically enter the weekly draw for a chance to win a month’s salary amount up to KD 1,000

Who is eligible?

  • Kuwaitis, retirees, & expatriates
  • Customers aged 18 & above
  • Kuwaitis with a minimum salary of KD 500
  • Government & Oil sector Employees
  • Private sector listed companies

Benefits and Features:

  • Up to KD 500 instant cash gift.
  • Weekly draws to win a month’s salary.
  • Two interest free loans
  • Instant 1% cash gift of your transferred loan amount value. 
  • Free Visa Signature credit card for the first year with up to 3% cashback
  • Get up to 50% of your monthly salary in advance
  • E-gov the first card in Kuwait where you control the usage of channels
  • Easy payment solution with T-Pay
  • Live video assistant 24/7 through CBK Mobile App.
  • Al Tijari Concierge services
  • Enjoy many innovative & secure banking services.
  • Easy access to your account details through CBK Mobile App or CBK Online.
  • A chance to become more than Millionaire by opening Al Najma draw account.
  • Loans up to KD 95,000 with a repayment period of 15 years.
  • Customer Contact Center available 24/7 at 1888225
  • WhatsApp service 50888225
  • Discounts with many merchants and restaurants across Kuwait.

Terms and Conditions:*

  • New customers entering the draw will get two chances, and existing customers will get one chance.
  • Customers must activate their T-Pay account to obtain their cash gift.
  • Customers will receive the cash upon credit of their first salary to the account.
  • Buy-in customers are not eligible to get the interest free loan.
  • Maximum cash gift received is KD 500 (Either on instant cash gift or transferred loan).
  • The first weekly draw will commence on 4th of January, 2021.

New customers can open Salary account via CBK Mobile in a few simple steps and get their ATM card delivered to them, Click Here!