Al Tijari declared Net Profit of KD 41.5 million for 9M of 2022


Commercial Bank of Kuwait announced a net profit of KD 41.5 million for the period ended 30 September 2022, which is consistent as compared to KD 40.8 million for the same period of last year. 

 Financial highlights

 Nine months 2022 

 Nine months 2021

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 Net profits attributable to Shareholder of the Bank (KD Million) 




 Operating Income before provision (KD Million)




 Fee and Commission Income (KD Million)




 Net gain in dealing of foreign currency (KD Million)




 Customer Loans and advances (KD Million)




 Total Assets (KD Million)




Robust regulatory ratios comfortably exceeded the Central Bank’s statutory requirement, Capital Adequacy Ratio 18.8% against regulatory requirement of 12.0%. The available capital buffer is the core strength of the Bank, available for any potential growth in our loan portfolio in line with our strategic plan. Similarly, Liquidity Coverage Ratio 231.2%, Net Stable Funding Ratio 106.1% and Leverage ratio 12.1%, all are well above the Central Bank’s statutory requirements.

Sheikh Ahmad Duaij Al Sabah, the Bank’s Chairman, is delighted to convey results of nine months ended September 2022 mainly attributable to favourable business environment which has been laid out in the financial highlights. Furthermore, interest rate hike around the world, resulting 7.1% increase in net interest income on the back of 8.0% growth in customer loans and advances. During the nine month period, Al-Tijari has made KD 17.9 million recovery income from previously written off loans. As precautionary measures, Al-Tijari has allocated additional provision charge of KD 35.1 million during the period. Sheikh Ahmad further added the Bank will continue to embrace conservative approach of building provision cushion for any unexpected losses.

Sheikh Ahmad emphasised that leveraging our matured digital as well as smart platform, we are relentlessly pursuing available opportunities and materialising them in our favour, which can be evident from our year to year improved performance and positive outcome. Al-Tijari is in process of digitising many more process and platforms which will be announced in coming quarters.
Sheikh Ahmad concluded by extending his deep thanks and appreciation to the Central Bank of Kuwait and other regulatory authorities for their supervision and support to the banking sector. He also appreciates the Bank’s Shareholders, Executive Management and all staff for their dedication and rigorous efforts to make Al-Tijari as Bank of Choice.