The US shopping festival is here! Use your Platinum and World Mastercard to get shipping benefits with MyUS.

What is MyUS?

  • MyUS is a shipping service that helps get your favorite USA products delivered to your door. MyUS is one of the most trusted, reliable shipping service to 220 countries with 10,000+ packages shipped daily. Visit your favorite online merchants and get the best US brands and deals, then simply enter your MyUS address as the “Ship to” address at checkout.
  • You are alerted when your merchandise arrives at the MyUS facility, so you know where it is every step of the receiving, storage and shipping process.
  • MyUS also offers a premier package consolidation service which help reduces expedited shipping costs by up to 80%.

 What are the benefits for Mastercard Platinum and World?

  • A MyUS address to use at check-out with your favorite online stores
  • Free Premium Membership for 2 years ($120 value)
  • Free account setup ($20 value)
  • 30% off shipping for first month following registration
  • 20% off shipping for remainder of 2-year membership.

How to register?

1-Sign up with your Platinum or World Mastercard and get a MyUS shipping address.

2-Shop the best selection of US online retailers.

3-Send purchases to your MyUS Suites address.

4-Receive your goods fast – Create a ship request and get your goods in 2-4 days!

Simply go to to register and use your Platinum or World Mastercard® on the payment page.


  • The offer is valid for first-time users only
  • Other merchants T&Cs apply.