Buy a NISSAN now, and a get a discount up to KWD 6,000.
CBK offers you the chance to finance your NISSAN car, and get a discount up to KWD 6,000.

What is the offer? 

  • Discount up to KWD 6,000 for all CBK customers / and Non-CBK customers (T&C Applies.) 
  • Customers can take an Auto Loan of up to KWD 25,000 over a maximum repayment period of 5 years. 
  • The current interest rate on a new auto loan is 7.00%.

 Car lines in the offer:

             Car        Discount
          X-Trail  up to  1,100 KWD
         X-TERRA  up to   690   KWD
      PATHFINDER  up to  1,040 KWD
PATROL (Old Shape)  up to  1,340 KWD
        PATROL V6  up to  1,380 KWD
        PATROL V8  up to  3,100 KWD
    PATROL NISMO        6,000 KWD

Terms and conditions: 

  • The offer is valid for CBK and Non-CBK customers through an irrevocable standing order.
  • Loans against standing order are only for Kuwaiti customers working in all governmental sector except for ministry of defense.
  • The offer is for both Kuwaitis and expatriates.
  • The offer is for both retirees and salaried customers.
  • Minimum salary required is KWD 500 for all customers.
  • For customers working in governmental, semi-governmental, Oil sector, and CBK listed companies.
  • Current interest rate is at 7.00%, subject to change according to the central bank of Kuwait instructions.
  • The offer is valid till the 30th, June, 2023.

Credit policy apply. 

Al-Tijari in-showroom contact:
Al-Rai:  51515148            Al-Ahmadi: 50885583