Now, Al Tijari is offering its customers a convenient “frictionless” and “contactless” payment experience that enables customers to make in-store payments by using their smartphone device which, is also linked to their CBK Mobile Application.
It’s secure, quick and simple, to make a transaction, all the customer has to do is hold their mobile device over the payment reader through a near field technology Communication “NFC” for the transaction to be processed.

Who can use this Service?

All MasterCard Debit, Credit and Prepaid Cardholders

Tijari Digital Wallet Benefits

  • The service is easy, quick and safe to use
  • Add an unlimited number of Debit, Credit & Prepaid Cards to the digital wallet
  • No internet connection is required on device payment
  • Not required to log-in directly through CBK Mobile App to process payments
  • Transactions can be conducted locally/internationally
  • Your card number and identity is not shared with the merchant
  • Vast security options either through Biometric ID or PIN entry  

How to Activate the Service

  • Login to your CBK Mobile App.
  • Under the Cards tab, select the card you would like to digitize to the Wallet by clicking on “Digitize Card”
  • Enter Card Expiry Date and CVV Number
  • You will receive an OTP for confirmation
  • Accept Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  • Service Terms & Conditions Applies
  • Maximum amount allowed without PIN per day is KD 5,000
  • The service is currently available on Android Operating System that support NFC
  • This feature is available to individuals accounts only (not applied for companies)


  • Who can use this feature?
    Only MasterCard Debit, Credit and Prepaid Cardholders who have an Android phone that supports NFC.
  • How many cards can I register to my wallet?
    You are able to add an unlimited number of MasterCard Debit, Credit and Prepaid cards, whereas only one card can be set as a Primary Card.
  • If there is insufficient balance in the primary card in the wallet, what will happen?
    The transaction will be declined
  • Can I set two cards as a primary?
    No, only one card can be set as primary card at one given time. However, you may choose to change the primary card whenever you wish from within the CBK Mobile app, simply by clicking on the wallet tab and selecting on the 3 dots icon located at the bottom right-hand corner of the card.
  • How to make a payment transaction?
    Simply hold your Smartphone device on a contactless Payment Terminal (POS) for the transaction to be processed.
  • How can I deactivate, delete or update my cards on the wallet?
    You can login to your CBK Mobile App or through the bank’s contact center
  • Does my physical card get affected if I delete or deactivate the registered card on the wallet?
  • Can I make in-store international transactions?
    Yes, as long as it’s a contactless Payment Terminal (POS)
  • Can I use my Tijari Wallet to make online transactions?
    No, only in-store transactions with an enabled contactless Payment Terminal (POS)
  • Should mobile device be NFC enabled?
  • Can I register my cards on my wallet using an iOS Operating System (iPhone)?
    No, the service is currently available for Android phones only.

Assistance & Support

For further assistance and support, kindly contact:

  • Al-Tijari Contact Center on 1-888225
  • Al-Tijari Live Video Banking or WebChat through the Mobile Application or by visiting

For Terms and conditions, Click here!

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