In continuation of its efforts to keep up with the new payment technologies, Al-Tijari Debit, Credit and Prepaid Cards now support contactless  NFC technology, a service under the name of “Tap It”, which allows cardholders to pay quickly and easily, without having to enter their PIN number.

Details of Tap It service:

Debit Cardholders

  • PIN entry is not required for local transaction purchase of less than KWD 25
  • The maximum amount of local transaction purchase without PIN entry is KWD 25 per day
  • The maximum amount of international transaction purchase without PIN entry is KWD 50 or equivalent in foreign currency
  • Once you exceed KD 25 per day in local transaction purchases you will be asked to enter the PIN number whereby the number of contactless transaction will be reset.

Credit Cardholders

  • PIN entry is not required for purchases that are KWD 25 or less.
  • The maximum amount for purchase and number of transactions without PIN entry and is dependent on card type as per the below contactless (NFC) table:

 Card Type

 Number of Transactions/Day


 Visa Classic/Gold                        5        100
 Visa Platinum                        7        150
 Visa Signature                       10        200
 Visa Infinite                       10        250
 MasterCard Classic/Gold                        5        100
 MasterCard BA* Platinum/Titanium                        7        150
 MasterCard BA* World                       10        250
 MasterCard Platinum Prepaid                        5        100

* British Airways

Cardholders can also control contactless (NFC) transactions limit by activating or deactivating the feature through AlTijari Mobile or CBK Online.

Terms & conditions apply.