Q1- What is Google Pay?

Google Pay is a contactless, fast and secured way for digital payments at any contactless POS terminals supported by the NFC feature.

Q2- What is the fee to use Google Pay?

Google Pay is free of charge.

Q3- Which Al-Tijari Cards are eligible for Google pay?

All Debit, Credit and Prepaid cards.

Q4- Which devices support Google Pay?

Mobile/Watch Devices with Android Operating System

Q5- How Do I use Google pay?

Any android device supported by NFC (Near field communication)

Q6-How to activate Google Pay:

Android Phones
• Open Google Pay app and log in using your Google account
• Take a picture of your card or enter the card details manually
• Verify additional information and accept Terms and Conditions
• Enter the Authentication Code and Submit
• Your card is ready to use!

If you add a card to your watch, you will not need your phone to pay.
• On your watch, open the Google Pay app.
• Tap Get started.
• Set up screen lock.
• On your phone, follow the instructions to add a credit or debit card.
• Your card will show up on your watch.

Q7-Can I view my transactions made through Google Pay?

Payment history will be displayed in Google App for the respective Cards or the CBK Mobile App.

Q8- Is Google Pay available worldwide?

Google Pay is accepted worldwide at any contactless POS terminals supported by the NFC feature.

Q9-Can I register the same card with more than one device using Google Pay?


Q10-Do I need internet connection to register my card for Google Pay?


Q11-Do I need internet connection to pay using Google  Pay?


Q12-What should I do if my device is lost or stolen?

Call Al-Tijari Contact Center for further assistance

Q13-How many cards can I register for Google Pay?

Up to 10 cards.

Q14-What should I do in case I upgrade to a new device or give away my current device?

Remove the Cards from old device and provision in the new device.