Al-Tijari CashLink Service

CashLink is a technology service allowing companies and establishments to access online banking by using a  Debit/E-gov account card and PIN along with a smart card reader attached to a computer to conduct various services such as transfers between CBK accounts , and salary batch processing.
This service is supported uses the latest security online protocols to assure maximum confidentiality and privacy.

Who’s eligible?

Companies and establishments having valid Debit/E-gov account card & PIN

What Can I do?

  • Fund Transfers between CBK accounts
  • Salary batch processing

How to use the service?

  • To access CashLink customer has to register for the service by entering (Name, Card Number, CID, Mobile number, salary monthly transfer, transfer per transaction and signature)
  • through one of Al-Tijari Kiosk Branches.
  • A Code is generated and linked to customer’s card for identification purpose.
  • User should have windows 7 and above, internet explorer and smart card reader.
  • Attach a smart card reader to your PC  and verify it’s working properly.
  • Download the software from this link:
  • Start the application by clicking on the CBK Star Icon on the desktop.
  • Insert the registered authentication card in the smart card reader and type in the PIN.
  • Upon a successful authentication, remove the authentication card and insert any CBK ATM card you want to execute a financial transition with, enter  related card’s  PIN and
  • CashLink page will open.

Service benefits?

  • Secure, fast and convenient service.
  • On the go banking.
  • Round the clock services 24/7

Services & Support

For further assistance and support please:

  • Use live chat & direct video from CBK mobile app
  • AL Tijari instant Webchat via
  • Contact the call centre or through Al Tijari WhatsApp service at 1888225

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