Loan Postponement Law

Al-Tijari is offering its Kuwaiti customers whom having consumer, housing loan, family fund and insolvent fund, wishes to apply for Loan Postponement Installments for a period of (6) months in response to the loan postponement law no. 3/2021.

Customers can request to postpone their loan installments through:

  • CBK Mobile App (Download app from the below page).
  • CBK Online Banking by clicking here!
  • Self-Service Kiosk (Branches)

*Terms & Conditions Applies, click here!


1. Who is eligble to apply for the loan postonement law?
Ans. Only Kuwaiti Nationals that meet the eligaibility criteria

How to apply for the loan postponement?
Ans. Customers can apply through CBK Mobile App, Internet Banking or through the banks Self-Service Kiosks in the branch. 

Is this applied for Credit Cards?
Ans. No

What is the required period for loan postponement submission? 
Ans. Starting from 18th of April – 18th of May, 2021

 Does this cover loans outside CBK?
Ans. No.

What is the maximum loan postponement period?
Ans. Six (6) months from the date of the law announcement

What is the postponement mehanism in the event salary is credited before or after and its installment deducation?

  • If in the event, the request is submitted before April salary is credited, the postponement loan will start from April – September, 2021
  • If in the event, the request is submitted after credit of April’s salary and holding the installment, then the held installment amount will be released and the installments will be postponed from April – September, 2021
  • If in the event, April salary has been credited with the deducation of the installment, then the installment postponement period will begin from May – October, 2021

What types of loan postponement?
Ans. Consumer (up to KD 25,000) & Housing (Up to KD 70,000) loans

 Does the loan postonement law include governmental loans?
Ans. This includes Defaulters Conditions Fund, Family Support Fund, The Public Institution of Social Security, Kuwait Credit Bank, The Public Authority for Housing Welfare. These bodies have their own Terms and Conditions related to the implementation of this decree.

 Does the loan postponement law include the standing orders between local banks?
Ans. Yes.

 Will a period of 15 years be exceeded when postponing the loan?
Ans. For some clients, postponing loan installments for a period of 6 months will result in exceeding the maximum loan tenor period, therefore rescheduling  the loan and monthly installement is needed.

 Will installments be deferred for customers with late payments?
Ans. Only upcoming installments will be postponed.

Does the Loan Postponement Law apply to customers with legal matters?
Ans. This does not apply to late dues customers or those with legal matters until their debit is fully settled.

In the event that the employee or retired customer requests to reschedule their loan finance for a new loan financing, will the the postponement loan period be calculated within the 30%?
Ans. No, It is not part of the loan postponement period, the 30% is considered as number of paid installments according to the period and paid installments based on their due dates.

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