Online Banking Card Transactions:

When shopping on the internet, we recommend following the tips below:

  • Make sure you are purchasing merchandise from a trustworthy source.
  • Before using the site, make sure it is secure. Secure sites start with https:// and must have the "lock" icon somewhere on the browser.
  • Attain a physical address not just a post office box and a telephone number, and call the seller to see if the telephone number is correct and working.
  • Send an e-mail to the seller to make sure the e-mail address is active, and do not provide your credit card details to sellers who use free e-mail accounts.
  • Do not purchase from sellers that won't provide you with this type of information.
  • Test out other websites regarding this seller/company.
  • Do not judge a website on the way it looks, dazzling websites can be set in seconds.
  • Be careful when responding to special investment offers, especially those you receive from anonymous senders.
  • Be cautious when dealing with individuals/companies from outside your own country.
  • Read carefully the policies and procedures on the website before proceeding with a transaction.
  • Make sure that the transaction is secure when you electronically send your card numbers.

If you suspect anything or you lose your card(s), contact us immediately.

ATM Transactions:

When withdrawing money, we recommend following the tips below:

  • Check the place around you while walking to the ATM, if you feel someone looks suspicious, be careful, or leave the area and look for another place.
  • Do not use an ATM if it is obstructed from view or does not have enough lights around it.
  • Do not spend much time while withdrawing money, and count your money in a safe place.
  • Do not enter your PIN more than three times, the ATM might be monitored by fraudsters that will try to catch you PIN by using different technologies
  • Do not leave space between you and the ATM, to avoid others from seeing your PIN code.
  • Do not use an ATM if it appears to have any attachments or alterations to the card slot or keypad.

Drive Through ATM Safety When Abroad

  • Check that your doors are locked and your car is running at a drive- through ATM.
  • Keep a distance between your vehicle and the other to allow for a quick exit.
  • Before rolling down the window to use an ATM, observe the area for suspicious activity.
  • Do not spend much time while withdrawing money, and count your money after you close the windows.
  • If anyone follows you after making an ATM transaction, drive immediately to a crowded area and call the police.

If you notice any unusual activity at an ATM that you have used or trying to use, or came to know about any unlawful use of your CBK cards, always note the date, time and location, and report the incident to us immediately.

Special Tips for Travel Usage:

  • Make sure that the card(s) you travel with will be useable for the entire trip length; confirm your card limits and expiration dates.
  • Do not keep your PIN with your card in the same place.
  • Keep a back up of your important documents you should photocopy your cards along with your passport and airline tickets and keep them in a secured place in case the original are lost or stolen, and keep them separate from your wallet and cards.
  • Always keep the receipts especially for transactions taking place abroad. This will help you reconcile charges when your statement is issued as these charges sometimes take longer than usual to appear on your statement.
  • Do not leave your cards out of your sight at any time, even when checking in a hotel, the POS machine should be in your sight, if not, then inform the hotel management.
  • Always keep proof of your payment when you pay cash for a car rental after holding the reservation with your card.
  • Carry enough cash for a day's safety just in case you run into problems with your cards.

In case your card is lost or stolen, immediately call +965 22990899 to cancel your card.