The Annual Draw on Al-Najma Account Grand Prize of One Million and Half Kuwaiti Dinar


In an atmosphere full of enthusiasm and anticipation, Commercial Bank of Kuwait organized the virtual Draw on Al-Najma Account grand Prize of KD 1,500,000 “One and a Half Million Kuwaiti Dinar” for the third year in a row; which is an event that many customers have been waiting for.
The Draw was held in Sahara Resort where it was broadcasted via the Bank’s social sites i.e. Instagram and YouTube and it was also aired live on Q8 Pulse Radio FM88.8. The idea of virtual Draw came in response to the exceptional circumstances amid coronavirus (Covid-19) to ensure compliance with the health norms & guidelines for the well-being of the public and in adherence to the precautions and social distancing measures. The Draw was attended by the CEO Ms. Elham Mafouz and top-executives & officials in the Bank and the Representative of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry Mr. Abdulaziz Ashkanani.

The MC Mr. Salman Al Najada started the Draw ceremony by briefly speaking about Al-Tijari history and the mechanism of opening Al-Najma Account that offers now the largest cash prize in the world and which enabled the Bank to set Guinness World Record. 

The Draw included a number of contests organized for the followers of the Bank’s social sites i.e. Instagram & Youtube and for which the Bank allocated cash prizes, Fitbit watches and the newly released Iphone 12. Furthermore, songs performed by the singer Tareq Sulaiman and his folklore band was broadcasted throughout event.



The largest Cash Prize
With all followers keenly waiting the announcement of the lucky winner of the Grand Prize, Ms. Elham Mahfouz, Ms. Sahar Al-Rumaih, Ms. Hanadi Al-Musallam and Ms. Amani Al-Waraa jointly announced the name of Ms. Haifaa Hussein Al-Sheikh Hassan as the lucky winner of KD 1.5 million. During the live Draw, the Bank contacted the winner over the phone and informed her that she became the lucky winner of the grand prize.   

Exclusive Offers 
Commenting on this successful virtual Draw, Ms. Hanadi Al-Musallam said “The Bank always endeavors to reward its customers by providing them with the exclusive offers along with organizing events to congratulate them when winning  in the promotional campaigns launched around the year”.

“The Bank, through its services and promotional campaigns, attempts to reach all the customer segment and familiarize them with the diverse banking services the Bank provide.  Apart from this, customers are always given the opportunity to benefit from the continued attractive & valuable offer through the innovative banking services and product offerings that cater for its customers’ needs and live up to their expectations,” said Hanadi Al-Musallam.

The Bank also takes pride to set a Guinness World Record by offering the largest cash prize related to a banking account in the world, as much as KD 1,500,000 (One and a Half Million Kuwaiti Dinar).



Ms. Hanadi congratulated the winner in the annual Draw on Al-Najma Account, explaining that Al-Najma Account draws are held continuously throughout the year i.e. weekly prizes of KD 5,000, monthly prizes of KD 20,000 in addition to the semi-annual draw on a prize of KD 500,000 and the Grand Prize of one million and half-Kuwaiti dinar. Ms. Hanadi also congratulated the winner Ms. Rahaf Saad Al-Fadli who won Chevrolet Blazer 2020 in the Draw related to the revamped YOU Account designated for youth, which was held within the ceremony’s activities, stating that the Bank places high importance for the youth segment and always endeavors to provide the services & products that meet their aspirations.    

Diversified Program
Ms. Amani Al-Waraa said “ We are pleased, for the third time in a row, to celebrate and congratulate the winner of Al-Najma Account Grand Prize of KD 1,500,000 One and a Half Million Kuwaiti Dinar” where the Draw was aired live via the Bank’s social sites and Q8 Pulse Radio FM88.8” with the Bank following health norms and preventive measures”.

The Draw included a number of prizes, surprises and contests arranged for the followers of the Bank’s social sites in addition to the shows performed by the singer Tareq Sulaiman. Ms. Amani extended her thanks to the Ministry of Commerce & Industry and every one contributed in organizing this event and also the Bank’s social site followers, congratulating the winner of the Grand Prize of one million and half Kuwaiti dinar and the winner of Chevrolet Blazer 2020 in the Draw related to YOU Account designated for youth.


During the Draw ceremony, the Bank familiarized FM88.8 radio listeners, live on air, with the measures taken by the Bank since outbreak of coronavirus (covid-19) until present. This included familiarizing the public with  the newly sophisticated e-services and digital services the Bank launched via CBK Mobile App including but not limited to Cash Xpress service, appointment booking service, the new account opening end to end process, check deposit service via mobile, contactless payment using smart watches i.e. FITBIT & Garmin. Further, FM88.8 listeners were acquainted with the services offered and developed by the Bank to optimize banking experience for customers e.g. increasing transfer limit to KD 20,000 & Instapay service limit up to KD 2,000 and facilitating the procedures that enable customers to activate e-services through Live Video Banking service using CBK Mobile App.

At the end of the Draw and after congratulating the winner of the Grand Prize, the Bank emphasized its ongoing endeavors to reward its customers by organizing further promotional campaigns and draws to celebrate & congratulate the winners of valuable prizes offered by the Bank.