Terms and conditions for Transferring Student Social Allowance

  • In case the Bank accepts my request for a cash gift equivalent to KD 50 against transferring Student Social Allowance to my Bank Account and depositing the amount in the prepaid MasterCard, I hereby, undertake to continue transferring my Student Social Allowance on a monthly basis to my said account. This transfer shall continue without interruption for a period of not less than twenty-four months from the date of depositing my first Student Social Allowance with the Bank to be accounted from the month following the date of this request. In case I do not comply with the above, I hereby authorize the Bank to deduct the value of the gifts stated in this request from the available credit balance in any of my accounts with the Bank. In case the available credit balance in my accounts is insufficient, I undertake to pay to the Bank the value of the gift in cash.
  • In case I comply with transferring the Student Social Allowance to my Bank account, meet the terms and conditions of the Campaign- which may change from time to time at the Bank’s discretion-,and the Bank approves my request, then I agree that the Bank shall deposit the gift amount in the prepaid MasterCard linked to my said Bank account. Further, I am fully aware that the Bank reserves the right to decline this request for any reason at its sole discretion.
  • When selecting a fuel purchase coupon from Oula Fuel Marketing Company, the coupon code will be sent via text message (SMS) to the customer’s phone stated above. The customer must follow the  teps by entering the coupon code on the OulaE application to avail the coupon amount.
  • When selecting a purchase coupon from Talabat Company but the email associated with the username on Talabat App. is not provided, the gift will not be deposited and the customer should resubmit the request.
  • I acknowledge that the Commercial Bank of Kuwait has the right to recover the value of the cash gift deposited in my account, or any other benefit that I have obtained, cancel any contracts and agreements that have been signed, withdraw and make a reverse entry at any time for any amounts in case it is established that I am not entitled to the gift/benefit at any time, whether this is a result of not meeting the conditions that make me eligible to obtain the gift/benefit or due to my breach of any other obligations and conditions.
  • I hereby irrevocably authorize the Bank to take all actions and sign on my behalf to cancel contracts, agreements, and any documents or papers related to withdrawing amounts and making reverse entries, without being committed with specific dates. This shall serve as a final acknowledgment and authorization to the Bank in respect of the above.
  • I hereby acknowledge that I am fully aware, have thoroughly read, and agree on the terms and conditions of this campaign, announced by the Bank at the time.
  • This is a final, irreversible unamendable commitment, acknowledgment, undertaking and authorization which may not be rescinded or cancelled since the Bank’s right is attached thereto.