Cheque Information Entry Service Terms and Conditions

  • Under his full awareness and confirmation and following the customer’s wish to confirm the issuance of the cheques as withdrawn on his account held with the Bank as outlined in this form (account), the customer shall enter the cheque's information in the Online Cheque's Information Entry System (for Corporate) as applicable in your Bank so that this information will correspond & match the basic information contained in the physical cheques submitted by the beneficiaries to your Bank for encashment.
  • In case any of the cheques' information entered by the customer under this Service is not matching the information contained in the physical cheques submitted to the Bank for encashment and in the event the information of the cheques is not wholly or partially entered under this Service, the Bank shall contact the customer on the mobile number as mentioned in this application to confirm authenticity of issue of these cheques. As such, the customer shall comply to immediately respond with each telephone call received from the Bank on the mentioned mobile number. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Bank may, in all circumstances and without any responsibility on your part towards us or the beneficiary or third party, encash all cheques drawn on the as stated in the Agreement or as maintained by the customer in the account when all related terms, conditions and required information are complete and even if the cheques related information is not entered by us or the information entered was incomplete or divergent from the information contained in the physical cheques submitted to the Bank for encashment.
  • Any instructions previously issued by the customer in relation to the same service previously described as “Online Cheque Authentication Service” are invalid & void upon signing this application form