Commercial Bank of Kuwait Al Tijari Send Terms and Conditions

Important Notes for Al Tijari Send:

  1. Al-Tijari Send service is available only for CBK customers Via CBK mobile application and through the Internet Banking.
  2. Transfers cannot be done without creating a beneficiary.
  3. Transfers once sent cannot be cancelled as majority of the transfer are instant. Cancelation is subject to the beneficiary approval. The beneficiary’s bank may also deduct all applicable local charges from the original amount.
  4. The following transaction limits will apply for AlTijari Send:
    • Minimum limit of KD 10 or equivalent
    • Maximum limit of KD 7,500 or equivalent. However this limit could be lower for some countries.
    • Limits could be lower for some countries.
  5. Transfers will be rejected by the beneficiary bank if there are technical/system related issues.  In addition, beneficiary bank can also reject a transfer in case of the following matters exist:
    • Beneficiary account details are incorrect
    • Beneficiary account is inactive
    • Fails compliance/ bank policy /fraud screening/Blacklist. 
  6. Transaction fee related to the transfers will not be refunded if a transaction is rejected or canceled.
  7. Majority of transfers are instant to near real time. However, depending upon the received amount and/or the cut-off times in the receiving country, a transfer could be credited either same day or next day.
  8. Transfers could be on hold due to compliance / bank policy /fraud screening. Customers will have to provide supporting information/documents as required by the Bank. Such transfers will be either credited to the beneficiary’s account or rejected based on screening Blacklist.
  9. Beneficiary’s account credit could be delayed if there are (i) unforeseen technical/system related issues with Beneficiary’s bank or the “Automated Clearing House (ACH)” in Beneficiary country, and (b) transfers are under compliance and/or fraud review with Beneficiary’s bank.
  10. Majority of the transfers will be received in full. However, the beneficiary bank can deduct transaction processing fee from the total receive amount. Such fee is charged by the Automated Clearing House (ACH) in beneficiary country.

  Al Tijari Send Transfer Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions «Terms and Conditions/Terms of Use» govern the use of Al-Tijari Send service issued by Commercial Bank of Kuwait «the Bank» with CBK Customers through electronic channels, which include the CBK Mobile application and through the bank's website.

These terms & conditions are legally binding on the customer to that extent they are not contradicting the customer’s other contractual or legal obligations towardsCommercial Bank the «the Bank».

  1. It is understood that Al Tijari Send shall be sent at the customer’s full responsibility and expense, and the Bank will not be held liable and shall not incur any cost in case of any delay, procedural or technical error or in the event, the beneficiary bank rejects to receive the transfer.
  2. The customer unconditionally and irrevocably authorizes the Bank to respond, at its absolute discretion and without referring back to the customer after fulfill all the necessary actions according to bank procedures, to any queries received from banks or other financial institutions with respect to transfers and transactions from any or all the accounts of the customer in accordance with the Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism Policy without contradicting the Information Security Policy.
  3. At the Bank’s request, the customer is liable to submit the documents substantiating the transfer. This may include submitting newly or updated KYC documents and any other related documents for each transfer or related to the account holder.
  4. The customer acknowledges his/her full responsibility for the correctness & accuracy of any document or data/information that he/she provides Bank therewith and discharges the Bank from any responsibility relating to the same.
  5. The customer authorizes the Bank to obtain any required information about the customer from any government or non-government authority.
  6. The customer acknowledges his/her full awareness and approval that any requests for amendment or cancellation submitted by him/her shall be provided by means of a written application signed by the customer and delivered at any of the Bank's branches or any other approved channels. The Bank shall initiate work on the applications only during official working hours. Time zones shall be considered while conducting international transfers.
  7. The customer shall hereby comply with all the applicable laws in State of Kuwait and the terms and conditions of Commercial Bank of Kuwait and MasterCard Corporations across the world and shall not use the service for any purchase, acquisition of services or any objectives in breach of the law. The customer shall bear the full legal liability for any breach that may arise as a result thereof. Commercial Bank of Kuwait shall, in such case, suspend dealings on all customer’s accounts including withdrawals and blocking.

 The customer acknowledges the following:

  1. Reading, understanding, approval and compliance with all laws and provisions related to all banking services provided by the Bank and available on the Bank’s Website, in addition to compliance with all the terms and conditions.
  2. Signing any of the applications and statements required by Bank shall constitute final and irrevocable approval on the contents stipulated therein and that he shall not revoke, claim, or challenge the stipulations after his signature thereon.
  3. The Bank shall have the right to suspend any accounts in case the Bank has suspicion of a legal or financial breach or suspicious transactions. The Bank is also entitled to withdraw and block any account of the customer without notice or warning in accordance with the Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism Policy
  4. In the event that the customer requests the cancellation of a transfer for any reason, the customer agrees to incur the cancellation (Al Tijari Send Fees), the charges of the beneficiary banks, if any, and to incur the exchange rate changes relevant to that transfer.
  5. The Bank shall have no responsibility if the beneficiary bank withholds the transferred amount in case of a legal suspicion arises against the beneficiary.
  6. The Bank shall not be responsible for any delay in processing the Al Tijari Send in case of force majeure and natural crisis or modification of related laws & regulations applicable or electronic system failure or error on the service providers’ part or failure in processing the Al Tijari Send or the bad connection on the customer’s part when transferring the funds himself. However, the customer shall incur the risks arising from this delay whether the said reasons occurred at local or international level.
  7. It is agreed that the customer may not claim indemnity from the Bank for any damage, costs, or expenses that may arise/result from any payments effected on the beneficiary’s account number as provided to the Bank by the customer as contained in the beneficiary details for Al Tijari Send.
  8. The customer acknowledges incurring the fees applied by the Bank, for Al Tijari Send to be deducted from the customer's account effecting the transfer and its payment to the final beneficiary.
  9. The customer shall acknowledge his commitment to accept all incurred charges covering commissions / fees / expenses / exchange rate differences in case beneficiary bank rejects the transfer for whatever reason.
  10. The Bank shall not be liable for the frauds committed by third party during funds transfer nor shall be responsible for the customer’s negligence or intentional inappropriate action.
  11. The customer acknowledges its consent that the Bank shall apply the transaction fees set out in the list of fees and commissions (tariff) as declared by the Bank and related amendments to be introduced in future as per banking policies & instructions.
  12. The Bank may initiate legal proceedings against the customer under Law no. 106/2013 and as per the Central Bank of Kuwait’s instructions no. (2/BS/IBS/432/2019) and any subsequent amendments thereto in case AML/ CFT suspicions arise without any responsibility on the part of the Bank. The Bank may withhold any transferred funds if involved AML/CFT suspicions. Further, the Bank may delay the transfer for verification purposes or abstain from transferring the funds when suspecting that such transfer involves money laundering or terrorism financing. The Bank also has the right to refrain from transferring funds to individuals which are included in the black list of any country or subject to international sanctions imposed thereon, or to any fictitious name or entity

These terms and conditions are subject to and construed as per the laws enforceable in the State of Kuwait. Any judicial disputes or claims between the customer and the Bank shall be subject to the jurisdiction of Kuwait courts. This will not diminish the Bank’s right to initiate legal proceedings against the customer before any judicial or legal entity whether in or outside Kuwait.

The Bank may amend, add or cancel any of these terms & conditions, without referring to the customer, as per the policies & regulations applicable with the Bank and the Central Bank of Kuwait’s instructions.

The Terms of Use are made in Arabic and English, however, if there is any contradiction between the Arabic and English text, the Arabic text shall prevail.