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KD Call Account

Name of Product:

KD Call AccountKD Current Account

What is it?

An interest earnings account.

Who Qualifies?

Business customers.

Why is the product used?

To invest money.


1. Available to Companies and Individuals.

2. Available in KD and all Major Foreign Currencies (FCYs).

3. Minimum amount of KD5, 000/- (USD15, 000, EUR 15,000, GBP10, 000) is required to open the account.

4. Interest rate reviewed on weekly basis, accrued daily and paid monthly.

5. No interest will be paid if balance drops below KD5, 000/- during the day.

6. Statement can be provided either daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

7. StarLink Card is issued for ATM and POS use with daily ATM withdrawal limit of KD1000/-

8. A commission of 2 KD will be deducted if average monthly balance drops below 5000 KD

 (for non individual accounts)


1. Convenient investment for large amounts.

2. Opportunity to increase earnings.

3. Profitable short- term investment

4. Customer still earns full interest in spite notice period of withdrawal required.

5. Special interest rates could be given for prime customer.