What is the best account for the youth who want to establish their future and pave their way to success? The answer is simple, the @Tijari account is all what they need. 

Life is full of choices ..Let @Tijari be yours   

Growing up is a great experience. With our long years of experience ..we come to help you make the right choices when it comes to managing your financial matters.

We will help you find the way, express your energy, and enjoy your full independence. We believe that making the right choices now leads to a brighter future.

Join our exclusive youth account and find out more about our offers and savings

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@Tijari Includes:

  • A Savings Account for customers between the ages of 14-24 that can be opened with KD 10/- only.
  • A Special StarLink design (ATM Card)
  • PrePaid Card Free for the 1st year (for customers over 18)
  • No Minimum Balance Fee Charges
  • Great Discounts at Cool places…
  • A KD 50 Welcome Gift when transfering your social allowance to CBK.