Al Najma awards are now brighter and bigger than ever

With the revamped Al Najma account, all your dreams will be turned to reality. On top of offering the highest daily prize in Kuwait for KD 7,000, now our Mega prize draws got bigger to reach KD 250,000.

The new prizes scheme for AlNajma account

Daily draw to win KD 7000 Quarterly draws to win great prizes that would start from KD 100,000 to KD 250,000


KD 100 000


KD 150 000


KD 200 000


KD 250 000

The winner of the Mega Draw of KD 250,000 for the 4th Quarter 2016 is Khamees Ibrahim Al Ali.

With Al Najma you have more chance to win greater prizes

·         Each KD 25 kept in your account gives you one chance to win

·         Each KD 25 kept in your account for one week will give you a chance to enter the daily draw.

·         Each KD 25 kept in your account for 3 months will give you chance to enter the quarterly draw.

Additional features

·         ATM card

·         Issue a credit card against your account

·         Obtain all CBK banking services

You deserve to win! Open an account now with just KD 500 and you will enter all draws.

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